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Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Badges and How To Clean Them
Our apparel fitted with our hand-crafted 925 Sterling Silver Badges may require special care when being washed and maintained post-purchase. With the use of precious metals in our designs we offer an in-depth care manual with every purchase and keep all care information for all of our apparel readily available on our website. 

Prints and Machine Washing

The prints we use are vinyl heat transfers using the highest quality vinyl, adhesives and heat presses. From printing to pressing to cooling all designs are specially cared for and checked for imperfections, dust particles and tears to ensure the best end result. This increases the life of the prints and makes caring for them much easier. But just to be safe you can find the washing and care information in the supplied care manual that came with your purchase or on our website below.

Machine Washing
Step 1: Wash and dry your items inside out

This is a simple but effective step in your washing routine that can help make your printed and personalised clothing last longer. By turning the items inside out you’re protecting the print and stopping other items from interfering with the design or damaging it.
Step 2: Wash your garment at a low temperature

Washing on a low temperature is the most risk-free way to wash an item using your washing machine. High temperatures can damage items, so keeping your machine on a low-heat or cold wash can ensure the print and material are protected during the cycle.
Step 3: Don’t add extra spins

It’s tempting to add extra spins to your washing machine’s cycle but we advise against it when washing printed garments.
Step 4: Do not tumble dry

Air drying is always preferred when your clean and dry your personalised printed garments. The best way to dry these items is to air-dry them on a clothing drying rack, or outside on a washing line. These methods of drying give the best results and also protect the printing.
Step 5: Always iron inside out

Prints can get caught on irons, and will often be damaged by direct heat – so always iron your garments inside out to protect them! We also recommend putting your iron down to a lower heat the first time you iron the item, so you don’t accidentally apply too much heat to the area

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General Advice

Professional Answers

Keep An Eye On The Fixings

Although we do our very best to secure all badges and fixings to our apparel as securely as possible please be aware that over time these may become loose or even fall off. If you notice this happening contact us at Oriri Ex Cinere immediately and we can advise you further on what you can do. If you do notice under 'No Circumstances' should you proceed to wash the item.

Remember It Has Value

The 925 Sterling Silver Badges on Oriri Ex Cinere apparel aside from being handcrafted can be made up from a considerable amount of precious metal and as such possess their own value and should be treated as such. Like a watch or piece of jewellery, an OEC Badge is to be cared for and cherished.

If It Is Lost Or Damaged

If you notice that you have lost or damaged your Oriri Ex Cinere Apparel do not panic! Start by doing your best to keep hold of what you are able and then contact us directly.

Still, have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Follow us on Instagram to be kept up to date or contact the team. (@oririxcinere)